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Back to art

Back to art - Emily Higgins

I was really anxious to get back home and delve into my artistic skills. Hearing my sister talk about the Dallas acting class put me in the mood for painting. It must have been more than five years since I laid my hand on a canvas or a brush.

When I think of it, I can’t remember what made me give up this hobby. I used to enjoy it a lot. I would spend hours alone in my mom’s workshop painting, experimenting with colours. Then, all of the sudden my interest for art dropped. I imagine it must be because I went to high-school and I wanted to fit in. Since none of my classmates wasn’t into art, I turned into a copycat and became one of them.

Needless to add that being an introvert did not really help me make many friends. I had only two throughout the whole time I was in school. And from those two, only one was a real friend, my best friend. The other was on and off. Whenever it suited him to be my friend, he showed interested in me. Otherwise he was ignoring me completely.

Anyway, let’s leave the past behind and focus on what happened tonight. As I was saying I was really anxious to try a new painting technique. I had seen this thing on Youtube and I wanted to try it. It is called a dirty pour. It means that you place the liquid paint in a container, without mixing and then you simply pour it on the canvas.

You can pour it as if you are pouring water or you can place the cup upside down and keep it in this position for a few seconds and wait for the paint to gently slip into the canvas. Once you removed the cup which contained the paint, you must tilt the canvas in different directions, ensuring that the paint covers the entire surface and creates a marble effect.

It’s not difficult at all. It is actually quite fun. I did enjoy preparing for this and doing it. The only problem is that some of the acrylic colours that I had were not as liquid as I wished. Although I just bought them, they must have been old because they their quality was not what I was expecting.

How can I tell it was not a quality paint? Because once it dried it cracked, leaving marks and messing up the marble effect that I hoped to obtain.


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