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Excitement of my Boyfriend

Excitement of my Boyfriend - Emily Higgins

Today I received a call from my boyfriend, who was on his way back from California after delivering a shipment. I inquired about his trip and how did it go? He sounded happy and told me that the weather was great and that road conditions were really good. I was happy for him. Then he said that he will come by for dinner and will show me some thing new that he installed in his truck.

Although I do not have any real interest in trucks, I was really curious to learn more as as my boyfriend was genuinely excited to show me. He is quite a fan of turkey so I prepared a delicious turkey meal for him and bought his favorite wine too. As the clock topped 8 PM, my wait ended and I started preparing dinner. A few minutes later my boyfriend showed up and I could see his truck in my parking lot. This was the first time he came over with his truck.

It was kind of funny that a truck was parked in the parking lot of a residential area. All my neighbors were also out to see the huge truck parked in my drive way. Anyhow I invited him in and served him a drink. I said that now I am more excited to learn about the new equipment on his truck. So before dinner, he proceeded to show me. He chuckled and took me outside fora look. He then explained to me that the new system he has installed is known as truck restraint system. I abruptly said that oh just like the one in cars. He kindly disagreed and explained that no, it's a bit different in trucks.

He then took me towards the back of the truck and explained me the whole idea of the truck restraints system. As we were not in a dock, he obviously couldn't do an actual demonstration but took the time verbally explain the system's features. He told me how easy it is with this system to load and unload stuff from the truck from and to the dock. He told me how sometimes some goods used to get thrown on the ground with bit of carelessness and now there is no such thing any more. I felt really happy for him at that day.


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