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Happiness - Emily Higgins

Why people prefer to make their lives complicated and care more about the material things, instead of ailing their souls with something that they love, it is still a mystery to me. I am always curious to learn new things, reach new horizons, embrace new attitudes, and develop new skills. I love change and what it brings.

I can’t understand why some people chose to live in fear. Fear of losing their possessions, their jobs, their loved ones, focusing on the negative aspects of life. I am not able to grasp why people keep on thinking that their happiness relies on the size of their wallet or the amount of objects they acquire. They don’t see it yet that all these do not grant them access to happiness. They might bring a financial state of happiness, which fades away quite fast, making them asking for more and more.

A big majority of the population is so caught up into this buying game that they are not aware it turned into an addiction. In order to sustain temporary or short term happiness, they keep on buying and buying something new each day or each week. It feeds their addiction, it keeps them busy and prevents them from digging deeper and questioning them what is the real definition of happiness.

Although I am not a financially wealthy person, I consider myself a rich man. Money does not give meaning to my life. Money it is a tool that I use, but nothing more than that.

I am rich because I have wonderful friends and family members that care about me. I am rich because I am healthy and I am able to practice my favorite sports and hobbies. Also I am rich because my intellectual allows me to read and learn more each day, therefore become a better person.

When my business of park paving Edmonton took off and I got a lot of clients, I handed to my brother. I wanted a new challenge. Money was never an incentive for me. Thus I move into something else. Yes, having entrepreneurial skills did help me start new businesses and join new ventures. But none of these are important for me. At the end of the day, all that counts for me is to be home with my loving spouse, my amazing children. Also enjoying a healthy relation based on trust and having a clear conscience are the things that bring me a state of contentment that lasts.


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